The Bike Thing | October 25, 2014 | Natchez Trace

The Bike Thing is a family friendly event held each fall on *Garrison Creek along the Natchez Trace Parkway to help Daystar keep rolling throughout the year! All support that's raised will go directly toward off-setting the cost of Daystar's sliding scale so that no family is turned away!

Participants raise pledges and can ride 20 or 40 miles (with lots of sag wagons in between)!

Registration fees are $35/person & $100/family. All riders receive a t-shirt & picnic lunch.

We ask all participants to raise $1,000 and anyone that reaches that goal wins a famous "Aunt Robbie" cake along with other exciting prizes!

If you can't make it to this year's Bike Thing but would still like to give a gift, please click here!

If you would like to sponsor a bike rider and help them reach their goal of $1,000, please visit the bike rider's page of your choice and click on the "support me" tab! 

ON-SITE REGISTRATION begins at 8:00am; RIDE beings at 9:00am
*Garrison Creek is located on the Natchez Trace Parkway at milepost 427.6

If you would like to sponsor our event, click here to register online or click here to download a form and pay by check.

GOAL: $65,000.00
Raised: $69,518.00
Riders Activity
Allye And Cameron Gray Abbye Durr$650.00
Evan Atkinson$110.00
Brad Barnes$100.00
Skyler Beeson$35.00
Tomas Bermudez$365.00
Mary Berndt$475.00
Hannah Berthiaume$1,420.00
Susan Berthiaume$200.00
Grace Bomar$80.00
Katie Bomar$1,555.00
Sherman Bucher$300.00
Gracie Burke$150.00
Anna Carpenter$800.00
Forrest Cashion$35.00
David Denton$2,700.00
Ramsey Doran$100.00
Brown Family$100.00
Clardy Family$100.00
Coughlin Family$150.00
Godwin Family$850.00
Haseltine Family$35.00
Hasenbank Family$100.00
Hollis Family$2,151.00
Rupley Family$1,050.00
Daystar Friend$35.00
Gabriel Garrett$35.00
Sissy Goff$4,380.00
Tommy Hart $4,075.00
Mimi Heldman$235.00
Sarah Hooton$3,032.00
Molly Howell$3,475.00
Melissa Hudson$345.00
Adelaide Isaacs $35.00
Josh Jeans$211.00
Alex Jolly$35.00
Patricia Jorgenson$1,160.00
Chelsea Keyser$2,726.00
Mary Killett$350.00
Elijah Kinney$35.00
Jack Knestrick$585.00
Ashley Kromer$520.00
Sarah Kromer$235.00
Kenneth Littleton$540.00
Nfocus Magazine$600.00
Leigh Ann Marks$1,200.00
Pat McCurdy$1,750.00
Creed McEntire$35.00
Glenn McGehee$500.00
Karen Miller$35.00
Katherine Nesbitt$535.00
LeAnn Nichols$3,600.00
Sam Nichols$690.00
Sarah Nichols$805.00
Jake Paddison$35.00
Jake Peterson$2,055.00
Bunny Porter-Shirley$3,655.00
Julia Rose Price$35.00
Susannah Price$253.00
Ellen Radcliff$890.00
Terry Radcliff$35.00
James Richfield$35.00
Emma Rinks$0.00
Chris Roberts$1,400.00
Grace Roper$35.00
Suzanne Salter$35.00
Zi Huan Sanderson$595.00
Abby Sauls$905.00
Erika Shapiro$35.00
Jeremy Shapiro$1,000.00
Ellen Singleton$385.00
Emily Sutherland$205.00
David Thomas$4,190.00
Carson Todd$145.00
Melissa Trevathan$1,050.00
Stephanie Tuttle$685.00
Brandon Verner$1,000.00
Jennifer Walker$235.00
Charlotte Wallace$1,100.00
Hannah Welbourn$530.00
Aiden West$35.00
Natalie Wheeler$35.00
Caroline Whitmore$435.00
Ethan Wood$85.00
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